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Darlingside – Recorded at our pop-up studio at Folk Alliance 2016

Darlingside came into our Pop-Up studio with a ton of energy, worked out the final details of the song on the spot, then killed it in this beautiful take.

Sweetwater Studios, Royer Labs and Mojave Audio set up a portable Pop-Up studio in a hotel conference room at the 2016 Folk Alliance Convention in Kansas City and recorded a number of artists and groups attending. The room was treated with Auralex Acoustics panels to control reflections, then all recordings were made on Royer Labs and Mojave Audio microphones fed into two Universal Audio 8p’s. Recorded to Pro Tools

“Old Time Angels” Jim Lauderdale and Randy Kohrs

Recorded by Mark Hornsby at Sweetwater Studios, Ft. Wayne, IN
Mixed by Randy Kohrs at Slack Key Studio, Nashville, TN

Jim Lauderdale – Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
Randy Kohrs – Resonator Guitar, Harmony Vocal
Jay Weaver – Upright Bass
Scott Vestal – Banjo
John Frazier – Mandolin
Clay Hess – Acoustic Guitar
Luke Bulla – Fiddle

Special thanks to Mark Magdich and everyone at Sweetwater who helped put this together.

“Old Time Angels” with Jim Lauderdale and Band

Full Mix.

Recording Banjo

Recording Acoustic Guitar

Recording Mandolin

Recording Fiddle

Recording Bass

Recording Slide Guitar

Recording Vocals

Room Mics