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Folk Alliance Toronto 2013

In February 2013, we set up the first ever ‘Royer Labs – Mojave Audio Pop Up Studio’ at Folk Alliance International 2013 in Toronto. With the help of our friends at HHB Canada, we set up a studio in a hotel room and recorded 45 sessions in three days!
The folks at Auralex sent us a couple of boxes of their fine products to help with the room acoustics. For front end we used various Universal Audio products: LA-610, 4-710 and the new Apollo (great box!).

Engineers: Dave Misener, Brian Hogue, Shahab Mobasher, Paul Talbott and Dusty Wakeman.

Special thanks to Dave Dysart (HHB Canada), the great staff at Folk Alliance and, most of all, all the great artists!

Jordie Lane “Diamond Ring”

Commmand Sisters

Steve Poltz “You Were Meant For Me”

Ranchers For Peace

Fraser Anderson

Gurf Morlix

Tony Furtado

Darlenya and 3 little birds

Hardin Burns

Parker Milsap

Amelia White


Melanie Brulee




The Jessica Stuart Few


Shawna Caspi


Ronny Cox

Doug Pettibone – Acoustic Guitar Mic Comparisons


We recently took all of our models into David Bianco’s studio – for a comprehensive audio/video session on recording acoustic guitars. We were lucky enough to catch our good friend Doug Pettibone (Lucinda Williams, John Mayer, Marianne Faithful) in between tours and recording sessions for long enough to play his Martin D-35 for us. We recorded in mono and stereo using both cardioid and omni capsules. We love all of our mics on acoustic guitar, but this will give you a good idea of each model’s personality – plus some tips on mic placement.

Mojave microphones excel at reproducing acoustic instruments, such as acoustic guitar. While positioning the microphone in front of the sound hole may look like the obvious place, the sound can be overly boomy and lacking in the upper harmonic content that the top of the guitar generates. A great place to start is pointing the mic at the junction of the body and the neck or at the twelfth fret. Another popular spot is pointing at the bridge or slightly behind. If you are doing a track that would benefit from the spread of the guitar in stereo, using both of these positions can yield a really big sound.

MA-300 Matched Pair (cardioid) on Acoustic Guitar


MA-301fet Matched Pair on Acoustic Guitar


MA-300 (cardioid pattern with high pass filter) on Acoustic Guitar


MA-301fet (cardioid pattern) on Acoustic Guitar

MA-301fet (cardioid pattern with high pass filter) on Acoustic Guitar


MA-100 (cadioid) on Acoustic Guitar


MA-100 (omni capsule) on Acoustic Guitar


MA-100SP on Acoustic Guitar


MA-101fet (cardioid) on Acoustic Guitar

MA-101fet (omni capsule) on Acoustic Guitar

MA-101SP on Acoustic Guitar


MA-300 and 2 MA-100s on Acoustic Guitar