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Miles Mosley Trio Recorded By Ross Hogarth At Potluck 2014

Mojave Audio and Royer Labs met up with Miles Mosley trio and engineer/producer Ross Hogarth at the 2014 Potluck convention in Tuscan AZ to record some great music.

Microphone set-up
MA-300 – Drum Overheads
MA-301fet – Kick Drum
MA-101fet – Snare
MA-300 – vocal
SF-12 – Roommic
MA-301fet – Bass Amp
R-121 – Keyboard Amp
A Designs Reddi Box – Bass DI

Folk Alliance 2014 Performances

Recorded live on February 20-22, 2014 during the 26th Annual International  Folk Alliance  at the Mojave Audio / Royer Labs / Sweetwater Studios  Pop-up Studio at the Westin Crown Center Hotel, Kansas City, MO.

Jordie Lane at Folk Alliance 2014


Anne McCue at Folk Alliance 2014


Ashley Flynn at Folk Alliance 2014


Blake Berglund at Folk Alliance 2014