This excerpt from a live CD by Kat Lyons was recorded in The Integratron, ‘an acoustically perfect tabernacle and energy machine sited on a powerful geomagnetic vortex in the magical Mojave Desert’ by David Royer and Dusty Wakeman in December,
2005. Recorded direct to cd using a pair of protype MA-200s through an ‘ammo-case’ micpreamp, custom made by David.

Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

The crystal bowls used in the Sound Bath are made from 99.99% pure quartz, crushed and heated to about 4000 degrees in a centrifugal mold. The bowls generate powerful and pure frequencies. They are being used in traditional and alternative health care for relaxation, pain relief, and to promote healing. There is a wide agreement that the 7 major notes of the scale correspond to the 7 major energy centers, or chakras, of the body, as well as to the colors of the spectrum. Hence, a full set of bowls, like those used in the Sound Bath. This is an excerpt from a 30 minute sound bath, as performed by Joanne Karl.



Leonardo Bella


A producer for all seasons, Leonardo Bella is equally at home in a symphony hall producing Mozart horn concerto’s or in the studio producing and engineering Chicago blues, modern jazz or his own Beatles tinged worship music. His passion for sonic excellence goes back to his partnership in one of the world’s leading recording facilities, Skyline Studio’s in New York City. From 1979 until 1994 the studio received over 100 Gold and Platinum records and was nominated for five years in a row for Mix Magazine’s TEC award , as one of the top five studios worldwide.

“My secret for sounds that leap out of the speaker, sounding real and present always involves this simple formula: take a wonderful player, set him in an awesome sounding acoustic space and place a well chosen mic carefully, get it up to line level through a world class stand alone pre-amp within 20 feet of the mic and your home free”. Leonardo’s personal rig has always included a room full of vintage musical instruments and a hybrid of vintage and modern high end audio recording gear.


“I have been using the MA100 matched pair, the MA200 and MA300’s on everything that has come down the pike, and I have been consistently blown away. Over the years I have learned to only purchase recording tools that will confirm their value to me
for years to come, and your products have me smiling every time I plug them in. Their extreme musicality, warm presence and clarity on transientss has become a major part of my sound. During the years I co-owned Skyline Studios’s in New York, we had a great locker full of U47’s, U67’s and M49’s. The Mojave microphones have that same Rolls Royce quality sound I had grown to depend on during those years gone by, minus the headache of maintaining ancient gear. I am a convert!”
Leonardo Bella / Eternal Arts Music

All recordings are without processing of any kind.

1 Overhead single mic recording MA-100 carded

2 Kick / MA200 (2 feet) Overhead / single MA-100 in cardiod

3 Upright Bass (Pitz) spaced pair of MA-100s

4 Upright Bass (Arco) MA-200

5 Cello MA-200

6 Bass Clarinet MA-200

7 Breedlove Mandolin / spaced pair MA-100s (cardiod)

8 Telecaster > Keeley compressor > custom fender amp/ MA-100 omni

8 Telecaster > Keeley compressor > custom fender amp/ MA-100 omni

9 Rickenbacker 360-12 in stereo / pair of MA-100s in omni

10 Soprano Sax / MA-200

11 Female Vocal MA-100 in cardiod

12 All Mojave Recording / MA-200 on lead vocal / MA-100 on everything else


Across the street from Mojave Audio in Burbank, CA, is a park with a baseball diamond and a railroad track running behind it. Recently David Royer took a pair of MA-100’s with omni directional capsules attached to capture the Metrolink train that passes by numerous times a day. check out the car alarm at the end.

While waiting for the train, we heard a great sound coming from the parking lot next door. It was a worker banging a dumpster with a sledge hammer. Fell free to sample and use.

We also got lucky and captured a ball game. You’ll hear the crack of the bat, the ball being caught followed by a het taking off from Burbank airport.