Randy Kohrs

Vocal and Banjo recorded on MA-200
Artist – Randy Kohrs (website)
Track: ‘She Ain’ Comin Back’
Album: Old Photograph
Label: Rural Rhythm Records

She Ain’t Comin’ Back  – Full Mix

She Ain’t Comin’ Back – Solo Vocal

RANDY KOHRS is the consummate music man – singer, songwriter, master resophonic guitarist, engineer, and producer. To date, he has played on over 500 CDs, ranging from legends such as Hank Thompson and Jerry Reed to current chart-topping artists including Dierks Bentley and The Wreckers – not to mention the countless bluegrass recordings he’s played on for such well-known acts as Larry Sparks, Rhonda Vincent, Mark Newton, Bradley Walker, Jim Lauderdale, Lou Reid, and 3 Fox Drive, to barely scratch the surface.

Randy produced, engineered, mixed and performed and sang harmony on Jim Lauderdale’s ‘The Bluegrass Diaries’ – 2008 Grammy Award winner for ‘Best Bluegrass Album’

“I normally use very little eq in final mix unless there is a problem. I never boost top end, only getting rid of ugly frequencies. If there is a problem, I usually rerecord the part correctly instead of messing around trying to get what I want with plug-ins that might get me 60% there. That is why the tools I choose are so indispensable.

I rely on good players, good instruments and Mojave Audio front end gear to do the job properly.

Acoustic music is so easy to sour with the overuse of modern tools and techniques. I rely on good players, good instruments and Mojave Audio front end gear to do the job properly. The rest is up to me to mix well enough to please the pickiest musician.”

– Randy Kohrs

Tift Merritt


It took Tift Merritt four years, a label change, and a sojourn to Paris, where she knew virtually no one and didn’t speak the language, to craft her third release. She recounts the Paris part of the story in the liner notes and the explanation clarifies both the disc’s title and reflective. Sometimes you have to look backward to move forward, which makes Another Country ring with a personal touch. It resonates with emotion, tenderness, and a sense that she has found comfort in life and her songwriting that may have been missing before.