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Charles Kahlenberg

Kahlenberg"My vendor - Westlake Pro - let me use their demo model of your MA-200, and I hooked it up to my Universal Audio LA-610 Preamp. I gave this new combo a voiceover test run and gave a listen to results. I loved it's response and clarity from the first syllable, and ordered one immediately. Mine arrived in one day and just in time for a promo job I had just booked. The client was delighted. I also sent audio (personalized) greetings to some of my other clients using the MA-200. One fired back immediately - "Awesome!"

Charles Kahlenberg

Mojave Audio Microphone Comparison

audioMA-300 vs. MA-301fet Voiceover comparison

audio MA-200 vs. MA-201fet Voiceover comparison

MA-200 Demo

audio MA-200 Demo