Anne McCue

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Southern Man – Final Mix

We had the pleasure of recording Anne McCue ( performing a cover of Neil Young’s ‘Southern Man’. Recording took place at Mad Dog Studios in Burbank, CA( Engineered by Eric Corne, Produced by Anne McCue and Dusty Wakeman. This track was recorded using only mics made by Mojave Audio and Royer Labs. Recorded and mixed on a Neve 8088 console on ProTools HD.

Anne McCue – Guitars, Lead Vocals, BG Vocals
Dave Raven – Drums
Carl Byron – Piano
Dusty Wakeman – Bass, BG Vocals

Audio Samples and Session Photos


Drum Overheads  – MA-200s

Room Mics – MA-200s through distressors

Snare Drum – MA-100

Kick Drum – MA-100

Electric Guitar – Mix of Royer 122V and MA-100 on 4×4 cab

Lead Vocal – MA-200

Background Vocals – MA-200