“Bad Seed” by Rob Leines and Company

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ZR LIVE! October 20th, 2016

Acoustic & Audio Technical Specs:

Quantum Acoustics by DHDI: ZR Screens x5 (Designs from Left to Right: C-180, L-90, C-180, R-90, C-180
Westlake LC 8.1 with Stereo Dual 10″ Subs
Mojave Microphones: MA101SP’s, MA301
Royer Microphones: SF-24
BURLB26 Orca, B32 Vancouver, BBD Mothership, B10 Mic Pres

Rob Leines and Company: Rob Leines (guitar and vocals), Kailey Shaffer (fiddle), Sonja Midtune (vocals), and Mark Cassidy (banjo).

Producer: Hanson Hsu