Do I need Phantom Power?

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The MA-200, MA-300, MA-100 and MA-100SP come with their own external power supply and do not require phantom power. Phantom power will not harm these microphones in any way.

The MA-301fet, MA-201fet and MA-101fet do require phantom power.

All condenser microphones require voltage to operate. Many solid-state mics receive a 48-volt supply through the microphone cable, provided by the recording console or mic preamp.

A note about 48v phantom power:  Some less than forthcoming audio manufacturers may claim to be providing 48v, but are actually not getting anywhere near 48v when mics are actually plugged in. Any condenser mic receiving less than 40v will not be giving you the performance it is specified to produce. Fortunately, the MA-201fet and MA-10fet are designed to deliver full performance with less than ideal phantom power, but this is not true of all condenser mics or active ribbon mics.