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There are several time-tested techniques for recording acoustic piano. Making the right choice is highly dependent upon the type of music and the desired sound. Generally, rock, country and pop are recorded tighter and brighter than one would record jazz or classical. The brightest, tightest sound will be achieved by placing a pair of mics directly over the hammers, either in an X-Y pattern (see Stereo Miking above) or spread out about halfway between middle C and the outer edges. A mellower variation would be placing the mics just inside the lid, one for the high notes and one for the low notes. Engineers recording classical music often place the mics several feet (or more) outside the piano. This technique, of course, requires a good sounding room.

 Audio Sample – MA-200s on Stereo Bar

 Audio Sample – MA-200s Stereo Pair 

piano 1 piano 2