Mojave Audio’s MA-300 Captures the Essence of Amos Lee with Producer and Mix Engineer Christian ‘Leggy’ Langdon

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Multi-pattern large diaphragm, vacuum tube condenser mic

captures smooth, natural sounding vocals

With a musical style that encompasses folk, rock, and soul, singer / songwriter Amos Lee, whose music has appeared on the soundtracks of numerous TV shows and movies, is back in the studio working on his next album. Lee has made a lot of records throughout the course of his career and knows exactly who he is as an artist. His new album is currently in production with an anticipated release of late 2020 or early 2021—and front and center in the production of this album is Mojave Audio’s MA-300 multi-pattern large diaphragm, vacuum tube condenser microphone, which is being used exclusively for capturing Lee’s vocals.

Producer / mix engineer Christian ‘Leggy’ Langdon is spearheading the efforts to produce Lee’s new album. With production credits that include projects for Nashville singer/songwriter Meg Meyers, singer / songwriter Banks, Tony award-winning actor / vocalist Ben Platt and others, Langdon knows what it takes to capture the essence of a performer—and central to his studio magic is Mojave Audio’s MA-300. Langdon discussed his current project and his fondness for his Mojave Audio microphone.

“I think Amos is a genius,” says Langdon. “For this record, he wanted to try new things and a different production approach. I think that’s why he has enjoyed working with me. Because he knows who he is and he trusts me, we have been able to create a completely new sound for him. There is much more drum programming, synths, and atmospheric sounds to complement his traditional and classic songwriting. The production, as a whole, is more modern in its approach.”

For this project, I’ve been using the MA-300 exclusively for Amos’ vocals,” Langdon added. “For capturing vocals, the MA-300 has become my go-to mic over the past year or so. It adds a beautiful sheen to any vocalist. I’m blown away by how smooth the mic sounds. I hardly need any signal processing on the back end other than compression. Every artist that I’ve cut vocals with using this mic always comments on how much they love singing into the mic and that they love the sound. For me, making music is all about being inspired by what’s coming out of the loudspeaker. No one cares about all the tech—especially an artist. They care only about how it sounds. In this regard, the MA-300 is incredible.”

Capturing sound always involves some experimentation. Nonetheless, there are always occasions when an engineer needs a question answered, and they generally need the answer then—not later. Hence, responsive and capable support services are crucial. In this regard, Langdon is very complimentary of Mojave Audio’s customer and technical support services. “I’ve been very impressed with the support I receive from the Mojave team,” he reports. They are always fast, friendly, and knowledgeable—and that inspires confidence in the brand.”

Before re-directing his attention back to the Amos Lee project, Langdon summarized his experience with the Mojave Audio MA-300, “The Amos Lee project is going incredibly well, and I had an equally positive experience on another project for contemporary country artist Caitlyn Smith—whose album is due out in March. On the Amos Lee project, what started as a 10-song project is now up to 14 tunes, which is awesome. I am absolutely in love with the MA-300. It’s so good on vocals. At this point, it’s my go-to microphone. I’m blown away by this mic—and Amos loves it too! In my mind, that says it all.”

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