Mojave Audio’s MA-300 Is a Hit with Capitol Studios Recording Engineer Steve Genewick

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With a legacy that spans multiple generations, weaves through nearly every genre of music, and lives inside millions of loyal music fans, Capitol Studios is an icon in the world of recorded music. As part of a multi-talented staff at Capitol Studios, Recording Engineer Steve Genewick has spent the past 25 years of his career at the legendary studio. With access to many of the finest production tools available, it is noteworthy that, when it comes to his favorite microphones, the MA-300 multi-pattern large diaphragm, vacuum tube condenser microphone from Burbank, CA-based Mojave Audio is among his favorites.
Genewick’s career reads like a Who’s Who of music and entertainment. He has been involved in projects with leading artists including Jennifer Warnes, Martina McBride, Michael Bublé, Neil Young, Arturo Sandoval, and countless others. He has also had the honor of working closely with his mentor, recording engineer and record producer Al Schmitt. Further, he works as a freelance engineer at some of LA’s other top-notch studios. Recently, Genewick discussed his fondness for the Mojave Audio MA-300.
“I have a total of 7 MA-300 mics available to me,” Genewick reports. “We’ve had the MA-300 mics available to us for a good 5 years or so—pretty much since the mic was introduced. My general rule of thumb is that the MA-300 can be used anywhere I would traditionally use a Neumann U67. These mics work great for brass and woodwinds in the big band, they work extremely well in the omni pattern setting on string sections, and they do a terrific job on drum overheads and vocals.”
“I recorded the last two Big Bad Voodoo Daddy albums at East West Studios with MA-300s on all the woodwinds,” Genewick continued. “I love the sound of this mic. The clarity and depth in the tone—as well as the ability to be used in so many different situations—put the MA-300 in the league with all the other traditional high end mics we’ve all been using for decades. The fact that it’s a multipattern mic and has a pad on it make it even more useful.”
When recording, it’s important to have the optimum settings and positioning for every piece of equipment being used. And since every situation is different, questions can easily arise, so responsive, capable support services are crucial. On that note, Genewick was equally praiseworthy of Mojave Audio’s customer and technical support. “Mojave has always been there to support us from the very start,” he explained. “Any time we’ve had any kind of issues, which is very rare, Mojave’s Dusty Wakeman has been right there to sort it out.”
Before shifting his focus back to the business of the day, Genewick offered these parting thoughts on his experience with the Mojave Audio MA-300, “I’ve been telling everyone I can about the quality of Mojave mics for years—both in personal conversations and publicly and will continue to do so. All the Mojave products punch way above their price point! You simply can’t go wrong with the MA-300.”