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Miles Mosley Trio Recorded By Ross Hogarth At Potluck 2014

Mojave Audio and Royer Labs met up with Miles Mosley trio and engineer/producer Ross Hogarth at the 2014 Potluck convention in Tuscan AZ to record some great music.

Microphone set-up
MA-300 – Drum Overheads
MA-301fet – Kick Drum
MA-101fet – Snare
MA-300 – vocal
SF-12 – Roommic
MA-301fet – Bass Amp
R-121 – Keyboard Amp
A Designs Reddi Box – Bass DI

Miles Mosley Trio

Miles Mosley is an upright bassist, vocalist, producer, composer and arranger.

Peter Doell Recording Miles Mosley Trio
Peter Doell Recording Miles Mosley Trio

As a teen, Mosley won the Los Angeles Music Center’s Spotlight Award; was selected to play bass for the 1996 Grammy All-American High School Jazz Band & Choir; and was acclaimed as a “technical virtuoso” by Los Angeles Times jazz critic, Don Heckman. He received his classical training at the Colburn School of Music in Los Angeles, had numerous years of study with jazz bass legends John Clayton, Ray Brown, and Al McKibbon, and received his undergraduate degree in music at UCLA. Since then Mosley has greatly expanded his repertoire, mastering the bass and a vast array of instruments, deftly blending Jazz with Rock, Pop, Funk, and R&B.

Miles Mosley on Upright Bass
Tony Austin on Drums
Cameron Graves on Piano

Recorded by Dusty Wakeman and Pete Doell

Microphones used:

MA-300, R-122V on upright bass
MA-300, SF-24 on overheads
MA-301fet on bass drum
MA-101fet on snare drum
Two MA-300, one R-122V on piano

Miles Mosley Trio – Planetary Princess

Miles Mosley Trio – Isle Of Love

Miles Mosley Trio – The Comeback