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Laney Jones Band “The Simple Truth.” Recorded at Folk Alliance in the Pop-Up Studio

The Laney Jones Band recording “The Simple Truth” in our Folk Alliance Pop-Up studio.

Sweetwater Studios, Royer Labs and Mojave Audio set up a portable Pop-Up studio in a hotel conference room at the 2016 Folk Alliance Convention in Kansas City and recorded a number of artists and groups attending. The room was treated with Auralex Acoustics panels to control reflections, then all recordings were made on Royer Labs and Mojave Audio microphones fed into two Universal Audio 8p’s using Neve 1073 plug-ins. A/D conversion done in the 8p’s. Recorded to Pro Tools.

Charles Kahlenberg

Voiceover Artist.

Microphone Comparisons
MA-300 vs. MA-301fet Voiceover comparison

MA-200 vs. MA-201fet Voiceover comparison

Theatrical Promo

“My vendor – West LA Music in Universal City – let me use their demo model of your MA-200, and I hooked it up to my Universal Audio LA-610 Preamp. I gave this new combo a voiceover test run and gave a listen to results. I loved it’s response and clarity from the first syllable, and ordered one immediately. Mine arrived in one day and just in time for a promo job I had just booked. The client was delighted. I also sent audio (personalized) greetings to some of my other clients using the MA-200. One fired back immediately – “Awesome!”

– Charles Kahlenberg