Leonardo Bella – Esoteric Instruments

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“I have been using the MA100 matched pair, the MA200 and MA300’s on everything that has come down the pike, and I have been consistently blown away. Over the years I have learned to only purchase recording tools that will confirm their value to me for years to come, and your products have me smiling every time I plug them in. Their extreme musicality, warm presence and clarity on transientss has become a major part of my sound. During the years I co-owned Skyline Studios’s in New York, we had a great locker full of U47’s, U67’s and M49’s. The Mojave microphones have that same Rolls Royce quality sound I had grown to depend on during those years gone by, minus the headache of maintaining ancient gear. I am a convert!”
Leonardo Bella / Eternal Arts Music

All recordings are without processing of any kind.

Bouzoukimer (Hybrid of of Irish Bouzuiki and Dulcimer)
Cellomer (Hybrid of Cello and Dulcimer)
Praetorius Scheitolt (a medieval musical instrument of the mountain zither family)
Bowed Psaltery

Hammered Dulcimer