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Sonja Midtune – Lonely Bones

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Mics on Sonja
vocals: MA-1000
guitar: MA-50

Mics on Ken
Vocals: MA-301fet
Guitar: MA-100 and Royer R-121

Room mic: Royer SF-24

Recorded and mixed by Peter Doell

Location: Universal Mastering Studios West, Studio A

Sonja Midtune – Lead vocals and rhythm guitar
Ken Belcher – Lead Guitar

Executive Producer: Hanson Hsu

Yana Reznik

Plays Granados, Rachmaninoff and Chopin

Yana ReznikRussian-born classical pianist Yana Reznik has stunned the audiences across the globe with her passionate, captivating performances. Not only a pianist but an ambassador and entrepreneur, Ms. Reznik believes in presenting classical music to broader audiences by creating inspiring programming and breaking the boundaries between the performer and the listeners. Reznik joined Mojave Audio and Royer Labs at Universal Mastering West for an evening of live music.

Yana Reznik on Piano

Recorded by Dusty Wakeman and Pete Doell

Recording with two MA-300 Mojave Audio microphones and an SF-24V Royer ribbon microphone.

Yana Reznik playing Granados’ Allegro de Concierto

Yana Reznik playing Rachmaninoff Etude in g minor and Prelude in b flat major

Yana Reznik playing Chopin Fantasie-Impromptu