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“Bad Seed” by Rob Leines and Company

ZR LIVE! October 20th, 2016

Acoustic & Audio Technical Specs:

Quantum Acoustics by DHDI: ZR Screens x5 (Designs from Left to Right: C-180, L-90, C-180, R-90, C-180
Westlake LC 8.1 with Stereo Dual 10″ Subs
Mojave Microphones: MA101SP’s, MA301
Royer Microphones: SF-24
BURLB26 Orca, B32 Vancouver, BBD Mothership, B10 Mic Pres

Rob Leines and Company: Rob Leines (guitar and vocals), Kailey Shaffer (fiddle), Sonja Midtune (vocals), and Mark Cassidy (banjo).

Producer: Hanson Hsu


Laney Jones Band “The Simple Truth.” Recorded at Folk Alliance in the Pop-Up Studio

The Laney Jones Band recording “The Simple Truth” in our Folk Alliance Pop-Up studio.

Sweetwater Studios, Royer Labs and Mojave Audio set up a portable Pop-Up studio in a hotel conference room at the 2016 Folk Alliance Convention in Kansas City and recorded a number of artists and groups attending. The room was treated with Auralex Acoustics panels to control reflections, then all recordings were made on Royer Labs and Mojave Audio microphones fed into two Universal Audio 8p’s using Neve 1073 plug-ins. A/D conversion done in the 8p’s. Recorded to Pro Tools.