After years of intensive research, we have finally designed a dynamic microphone we could put the Mojave name on. Designed by Technical Grammy Award Winner David Royer, we proudly introduce the Mojave MA-D Cardioid Dynamic. While there are many well-known dynamic mics on the market, most of which are known for their “presence peak”, we set out to design the Smooth Alternative. The MA-D delivers a full frequency response without the harshness common to most common dynamics, creating the richness and musicality we set out to capture.

Designed initially to be a hand-held microphone for vocalists, the MA-D does double duty on all types of instruments.

  • Vocals
  • Drums
  • Guitar and Bass Amps
  • Brass

With its rugged design, the MA-D is perfect for:

  • Live sound 
  • Broadcast
  • Voice-over
  • Recording
  • House of Worship
  • Touring

Audio Sample by Charles Kahlenberg

Features include:

  • Smooth Frequency Response – richer tone, higher gain before feedback
  • Uniform Cardioid (Unidirectional) Pickup Pattern
  • Excellent Off-Axis Rejection
  • Integrated Pneumatic Shock-mount – to reduce handling noise
  • Built-in Internal Windscreen – eliminates plosives – those annoying P-pops!
  • Flexible Mic Clip
  • Zippered Bag Included


Type – Dynamic

Frequency Response – 

+/- 2.5dB 60-10,000 Hz

+ 2dB-6dB 30-15,000 Hz

Polar Pattern – Cardioid

Sensitivity – -53 dB.  Re 1V/pa

Max SPL: Greater than160dB @ 1 kiloHz

Impedance –  600 Ohms @ 1 kiloHz

Connector – Three-pin XLR (Male)

Weight – .5 lbs.

Dimensions – 

L 7.25”

W 2”

Frequency Response Plot


Polar Pattern