john cowan
“John Cowan Came by the Sideman Radio show this morning and Fell in Love with this Mojave MA200 Mic….Great interview with one of the most humble, truly great singers I have ever had the pleasure to know. If you see the Doobie Brothers coming to your area go check em out, Cowan is the Bass player/singer….Fun time.”
Michael “Bear” Clair 

“The mics are amazing – we’re using the MA200 on this lead vocal. It is absolutely phenomenal!”
Fred Coury, Double Forte Music

“Using the MA-200 comes through for me again! Even the studio in Chicago, where I was connected via ISDN wanted to know my audio chain and commented on the sound. Thanks again!”
Jerry Pelletier, Voice-ver artist, 

“I wanted to say what a delight the MA200 is – we’ve had time to let our love grow and it’s a real winner. I baby it, but then i care alot. It’s a thing of beauty on acoustic instruments and when the right voice presents itself – just stunning.”
David Stocker – Audiophile Recording Studios

“I am a Producer, Arranger, Mixer, and a proud owner of the MA-200 Mic. During my career I’ve worked on major records with international superstars. On my website most of the vocals and guitars have been recorded with the MA-200. I recently had a session with an artist who insisted on using a 1960’s Neuman M49, so we recorded all the vocals and as expected we achieved the sound he was after. Couple of days later while editing the tracks we needed to punch in some phrases, the M49 was not in the studio so we decided to try the MA-200. WE WERE AMAZED to hear such similarity in the warmth and overall sonic character. Thank you Mojave Audio for your beautiful products which are extremely high in quality yet available to every musician today.”
Shayan Amiri – Shayan Amiri Music, Inc located in Los Angeles California

“Greetings from the Spinto Band.
This past year we finished recording our second album “Moonwink” which we co-producer with Dave Trumfio and was mixed by Tchad Blake.
Throughout the recording process we used a Mojave MA 200 microphone, and were impressed by the tone we were able to achieve. Many different instruments were beautifully captured by the MA 200, including drums, acoustic guitars and pianos. We are currently in the planning stages of setting up a new studio we can use to begin work on our third album, as well as working on film scores for two Independent films. Naturally, we will outfit the studio with some Mojave microphones.
The new album is set for release this fall on Fierce Panda Records in the UK, Park The Van Records in the USA and on Boundee Records in Japan. Our tour will take us throughout the UK, Europe, the USA, Canada and will also include televised performances. Our last album, “Nice and Nicely Done,” included the UK Top 100 singles “Oh Mandy” and “Did I Tell You,” and was released on Radiate / Virgin Records.
Since 2005 we have toured extensively including appearances at the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan, the Reading / Leads Festival in the UK and on BBCs Later With Jools Holland. In addition, we have been on tours supporting Rilo Kiley, the Arctic Monkeys, Art Brut, the Strokes, and many more, including opening up for the Flaming Lips at SXSW.”
Nick Krill

“I proudly used my Mojave MA201 with Focusrite Pre and Rosetta converters on the chain for the vocals. I love how much energy the 201 can hold and pushes certain low-mid and high frequencies nicely to create this full sound.”
Engin Ufuk Kaplan
Producer/Sound Engineer

“I liked the sound of my MA-200 so much I didn’t use any EQ or compression on the guitars and piano.”
Steve Tibbetts –

“The MA200 you sent was just the thing! It sounds f-ing awesome! It is now my go to mic and I can’t wait to try it on everything!!!! Also, we need to get some of those MA100’s out here. Absolutely phenomenal!”
Davey Rieley – Mixer/Producer/Engineer: Kelly Clarkson,The Smashing Pumpkins, Elvis Costello

“I love my MA-200, it’s my “go-to” microphone. It’s got beautiful warm low-end depth and is so smooth across the top. It consistently get’s chosen over mic’s 3 times it’s price on lead vocals. I’m also a major fan of my MA-201 FET’s versatility. We use it on guitar cab’s, kick drum, fiddle, bass cab’s, lead vocals, and especially background vocals. It’s a mic with some serious punch to it and has a very natural, easy to mix high-end cut. The real battle in every session however, is when and where to use our pair of MA-100’s… because they sound GREAT on almost EVERYTHING! In the end, it’s usually the acoustic guitar and toms that win. On those instruments, they are practically “self-mixing” — especially if your acoustic guitar needs to be really prevalent in the mix.”
STEFFON HAMULAK – Producer/President SEA the DESERT ENTERTAINMENT, LLC, Nashville, Tennessee

marlese jow
“I’m trying to be a really good customer and support your fine products. In that, I included my MA-200 in an album cover which just went up on iTunes today. I wrote and produced the song for a new movie called, “You’re So Cupid!” coming out this fall. The artist is Malese Jow, who is also in the movie. She has enjoyed some TV credits in her teens, especially with the show, “Unfabulous” on Nickelodeon. She now has quite a following world-wide. Hope you enjoy it and my small gesture to Mojave.”
Gary Powell –

“Hey Dusty, I had to tell you, it happened again yesterday. I did a shoot out between a beautiful M49 and your MA200 and your microphone trounced it. It was like “no contest”. The producer and artist both agreed it sounded like the vocal was already equalized for the mix.This is the third time this has happened and I have to say I’m seeing a pattern here. Last time I did an A/B with Tift Merritt for her album “Another Country” and the Mojave came up head and shoulders above the rest (U67, U47 a U87 and a few others) to be the vocal microphone of choice. I have to add that, with the exception of a little conservative compression, I did not use any eq in the final mix of the vocal. I’ve gotten more compliments on the vocal sound on this particular record than any other I’ve done. Tift told me her dad thought it was the best she has sounded on record. What can I say? Props to Professor Royer. I’d also mention that the MA100 supplanted all the competition for the guitar sounds on Susan Tedeschi’s latest record “Back To The River”. I was shoving those mics right at the speaker cones in the vintage Fender Twins and Vibroluxes the band used, and they sounded fantastic. I love the top end presence but those mics also give plenty of bottom fullness as well. They provided a great result and again there’s not a lot you have to do in post.
Please keep me in the loop on any new items you guys come up with over there in the lab. Your company is really making me look good – and at this point in life I can use all the help I can get in that area.
Thanks Dusty,”
David Bianco –

“I recently hired brilliant engineer Ryan Hewitt to record some new Jamie Cullum tracks and he put his two MA200’s on my piano. I loved the sound… I was comparing them to my Klaus Heyne tweaked U47 and my Tele 250 and Ribbons. Thank you guys so much – fantastic! It’s the best piano sound I’ve ever had here, with any combination of mics and any engineer.”
Greg Wells

“I’m flipping out. I loves them (201’s on drum overheads) – even more than my 200s! My impression is that they are more aggressive and athletic (which is predictable), and more suited to a modern rock sound.”
Ryan Hoyle – drummer Collective Soul, Paul Rodgers, Cave Studios

“The MA-201fet is big and fat, and packs an extra midrange punch that sounds great on vocals, drums and guitars.”
Michael Wagener-Engineer: Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, Skid Row, Extreme, King’s X

“This mic delivers a big round sound. I like the fact that it cuts through the sound effects and music in an advertising spot as well as it does, while allowing my voice to project without any grating high frequency response or sibilance that some other mics produce. There’s a very natural sound quality with this microphone. In the eight months that I’ve been working with my MA-201fet, it’s been absolutely bullet proof. This mic has a really solid, substantial feel to it and it helps me achieve what we in this business call a “signature voice” one that stands apart from the stable of the available talent.”
Peter McHugh, voice talent, Chrysler, Cox communications TV and radio,Valvoline motor oil, Epson printers, Fox Movie Channel, DirecTV, trailers for Burn after Reading, Twilight, Watchmen.

“If your looking for a great mic for voice-over, one that cuts well over track, is easy to work and makes you sound like a million bucks, the Mojave MA-201 is the real deal. This mic outperforms mics costing 3 times as much, believe me I’ve tried them all, including the 416 and U87! I use this mic daily on national spots and promos for major market TV stations with outstanding, consistent results.”
Toby Browning, voice artist, 2009 Grammy Awards (link to audio clips in VIDEO SESSIONS menu, submenu of artists and engineers)

“The MA 201 FET sounded clear and it took very little EQ to make it great and it still had great detail on the quiet sections. For the Acoustic it gave me a good rock acoustic sound with a little compression after the fact. Awesome on Banjo and female vocals. ”
Brandon Bell, Gary Pacsoza engineer, Yo Yo Ma and friends

“Those mics kick ass. I can now answer the repeating question on Gearslutz: If you only could have one mic, which one? The MA200. Great mics! And the MA-201fet is big and fat, and packs an extra midrange punch that sounds great on vocals, drums and guitars.”
Michael Wagener, Engineer: Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, Skid Row, Extreme, King’s X

“When tracking a new song with Atlantic recording artist Skillet, the Mojave MA-200 was the only choice for vocals. It was shot out against a good selection of the vintage regulars (C12, M249, U67…) and the Mojave stood out above the rest. It was articulate and had an outstanding presence. It will now always be one of the first mics I go for.”
Davey Rieley, Engineer: Skillet, The Hives, Smashing Pumpkins

“The MA-200 instantly became an integral part of my drum sounds. From the moment I first put a pair up, they have continued to impress me with a wide open and balanced sound. I’ve tracked great sounding vocals, drums, guitars and bass through these mics, and my clients are consistently blown away by the results.”
Ryan Hewitt, Engineer/Mixer: Red Hot Chili Peppers, blink-182, Alkaline Trio

“Dudes, the MA 200 KILLED the M49’s that Dave had thrown up for me as room mics. These mics are open, fat and clear -they are killing with NO eq ….” M̦tley Cr̹e
Ross Hogarth, Producer/Engineer: Ziggy Marley,Jewel, Black Crowes, REM

“Mojaves are incredible… I’ll be using them on everything”
Frank Serafine, Sound Designer, Star Trek, Lawnmower Man, P.U.N.K.S.

“Goodness! Your mic rules! We just used the MA 200 on a Gibson J50 and had a U67 along side. Your mic hands down blew the Neumann out of the water. Everyone at the session immediately noticed the presence and the natural sound the mic delivered – particularly it’s clean, uncluttered high end.”
David Bryson: Counting Crows

“Those two Mojave Audio mics that I purchased from you rock! We’ve been using them ever since they showed up!”
Matt Wallace, Engineer: Queen, John Hiatt, Faith No More

“Man! I’ve done some very exhaustive testing between the Mojave and a Neuman TLM 149 (and some other mics including the AKG TLII and Rode NTK – though not in the same league) Holy Crap! This mic rocks! Geez, get me a pair and I’ll lone one out to my engineer-producer friends – they’ll be knocking down the doors!”
Mark Hollingsworth, put the MA 200 through a variety of paces on windwoods. His discography is way too deep to list here, but includes work for producers Quincy Jones and David Foster, artists from Stevie Wonder to U2, and countless soundtracks and jingles.

“Those mics ROCK! I’ve tried them on Mandolin, Banjo, Bass, and vocal…. I LOVE THEM!!! I let our road manager/monitor guy take one to try and he wants a couple too! Thanks so much for your help and thanks for making a GREAT product!”
Stephen Mougin, Musician: Sam Bush Band, Hank Williams III

“Purchased a MA200 a couple of weeks back), and just wanted to let you guys know how much I dig this microphone. I’ve used or owned just about every type of studio mic over the years, from old classics to new boutique companies and custom modded models. the MA200 hasn’t just won my shootouts… the others haven’t come close. Paired with a Focusrite 428 mic pre, it’s deadly. I’m sure this mic will be on every session I do.I’ll be purchasing another soon. Can’t wait to try out the small guy too. Thanks for a truly great product. My ears appreciate it.”
Joe Hand, Producer/Engineer: Velvet Covered Brick 

“The MA-200’s are GREAT!!!!! They came in either first or second next to the U99 on 4 different vocalists going up against the (boutique condenser microphone) and my Neumann (170, 103, 87). Great value!”
Jeff Hodges, Producer Engineer: Man on Fire

“Mojave M200s have been a staple for me on almost every recording I have done since they came out. I have used them on everything from drum overheads to upright bass, from one guy playing a piano to ten gypsies standing in a room clapping in syncopation(this requires at least 2 mics).
I was equally impressed by their new M100s. Like the M200s, Mojave’s small cap mic is very versatile. They are the best tom mic I have ever tried. I could record a whole drum kit if I had enough of these two microphones. The 100s have a really nice balance of snappy transient response and warmth. I look forward to seeing what this company comes up with in the future.”
SETH HORAN Grammy (Best Latin Rock or alternative Album 08) Chief Engineer at Phantom Vox Studio
Engineer for Draco Rosa

“It was easy to make mic selections with the Precision 8 as well because it’s so accurate and quickly reveals the true nature of a mic/instrument combination. The greatest magic happened with the Mojave MA-200 large diaphragm condenser. The combination of that beautiful tube sound with a neutral, yet musical preamp is something that I’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing before.
For drums, Heger very consciously added a bit of color to the signal with a four-channel Daking Mic Pre IV. Kick, snare and overheads benefitted. “The Daking has a tone to it,” he said. “It emphasizes the top-end and makes everything come out with a bit more brilliance. The drums shine through. I had a pair of Mojave MA-100 small diaphragm condensers for overheads, and the cymbals came out wonderfully – even better than the real thing! In person, they came off as a bit harsh and overly metallic, but the recordings are much smoother and warmer – the sort of thing that a jazz drummer is really after.”
STEFAN HEGER – mastering & engineering

“Mojave MA200 equals Musthave… legendary retro vintage detail in a brand new package, affordable and maintainable, falling somewhere between 47 and 67 its the missing link..”
Tim Powles, member of great Australian band “The Church”

“The 201 fets really blow my mind on overheads. I put them through my API pre’s and my home studio sounds like a million bucks!” Reade Pryor

“Thanks again for introducing me to the MA 200. It was the lynchpin during the recording of Brokedown Cadillac’s debut CD “Somewhere In America”. The mic is so rich and present with great body, I used it on every vocal and acoustic instrument track. The band loved the results!”
Jeff LeGore
Band Sites:

“I have been using your mics for my cd and i must say they are FANTASTIC!!!! The MA 100sp are the warmest skinny condensers i have heard for o-heads, they make my acoustic sound better, and even on my guitar cabs! Thanks for your creation!!!”
Adam Reye

“I just used my pair of these fabulous mics this weekend on a project and was absolutely thrilled. They were were like a great grilled steak – both crisp and meaty! I tried them on a few things at which they excelled:
Abe Laboriel’s bass amp (nobody produces more colors than he, or more friggin’ basses!) and Alex Acuna’s
bass drum. But what I was truly impressed by was using my ‘matched’ pair (thanks for the consecutive SN’s) as the ambience mics on the set. The beef, smooth top end and image clarity was so useful, I leaned on that sound as my basis for everything else.
So don’t change a hair for me, not if you care for me… those mics are remarkable – at ANY price-point!”
Pete Doell

“Great customer service! We love those mics and evangelize them for you. You have a great product there.”
Joe Popp Technical Director
The Sonic Arts Center @ The City College of New York –

“Hey Dusty! Marshall isn’t exaggerating. I use the MA-200 and the R-121 on just about everything. I use the MA-200 on all my artists’ vocals, I stereo mic my strummed instruments with them, record strings and horns with the R-121, and when I record percussion I put up both and AB them. At this point in my life, the only mics in my studio I use that aren’t made by you guys are dynamics.
I’m working on this artist Ingrid Michaelson’s record, and we rented out a nicer studio to do vocals, and ending up using a U67 through I think a 1073? Some of tracks were too noisy and we didn’t finish up everything we wanted to, so we did more vocals back at my studio through the MA-200 with a Neve portico, and they ended up sounding just as good if not better, with less noise!
I really appreciate the work you guys are doing. You’ve definitely made my life a hell of a lot easier.”
Dan Romer

“Dear Mojave Audio,
We love your MA-200 microphone! The audio college I attend does not have any great microphones (sm58s and a D112 are the best we have). So a group of us DAT students put together a petition to the ASB to buy a microphone. After 2 years, we finally got approved for one microphone!The audio students and professors have voted to buy your MA-200 if we can afford it!”
Michael McConnell
Cogswell Polytechnical College, Student

“Hi John & Dusty. Met you guys in Memphis. I’m a friend of Jeff & Susan’s. I love my 121, 122v and MA200’s. I use ’em on every session.”
John Curley Ultrasuede Studio, Inc.

“I just finished up a fidde/banjo record with Megan Lynch and Bill Evans (the banjo player not the piano player or the sax player!). I am super proud of the banjo tone on this record and a huge part of that is the Mojave Ma-200! Bill has some very old, very expensive banjos and I was nervous about capturing his sound! I placed the 200 about a foot in front of the banjo, slightly to the left of the instrument, pointing at the bridge area mics ran through the Forssell JMP6 and caught the magic! Be well!”

“I just wanted to send a thank you to the whole Mojave team for being kind & courteous. My tube recently went out in my MA-200 & I couldn’t have asked for better help from the service department, not only did you guys stay true to my warranty & not try to back out of it (like alot of companys do) the entire situation was as pleasant as could be due to the profestional manner of your team. I tried out my first session last night with the newly repaired unit & it sounds as good as the day I got it, if not better.
thanks again,”
Dustin Carpenter

“The MA clear and it took very little EQ to make it great. The vocalist was Audrey Spillman, a singer/songwriter, and she is an incredibly dynamic singer. The Fet just took the beating the best.”

“Dear Mojave, I just sent in my shockmount to be repaired and before I could hardly blink I had it back in perfect condition! Thank you so much for your fantastic customer service. I really appreciate it.”
Paul Dillon

“I used the MA-200 for the main vocal mic for the album, the MA-100 I used as the main acoustic mic for the album.
I have been through a ton of LD and SD mics over the years, and was recommended to Mojave mics from Mick Wordley at Mixmasters here in Australia.
Mick was spot on! The MA-200 was just superb on my voice, and the MA-100 was the best acoustic guitar mic I have ever used….period. Congrats on producing two fantastic Mics…
You can check out the Video of the title track of my album “forty years” here….as I said, the main vocal was recorded with MA-200 and the acoustic and Electric guitars in this tune were mic’d with the MA-100 (i forgot to mention earlier, the MA-100 is fantastic on my old Vox AC30 and Fender Princeton).”
info about how the album was recorded…
Peter Knight


“I just purchased an MA-200, IT’S WONDERFUL!!! I will use it in my voiceover studio – replacing an AKG 414B-ULS and a lot of processing.”
Bob Wood, Voice-over Artist: Gilligans Island, The Miracle of the Cards

“Just a note finished tracking wonderful record yesterday the M-100 is a STAR
But you know that.
Best snare mic on the planet.”
Mick Wordley
Mixmasters Productions

“Mojave Audio MA-200 is a tube-based condenser mic. I’d heard about it for years and always wanted to try one. Rented one recently and within 10 minutes comparing to others in my locker I was sold. This mic has the most amazing mid-range detail and silky high-end extension. It is awesome on vocals, especially singers that have a lot of character in their midrange. For under $1000, this mic is incredible value with a sound rivaling mics many times its cost. It is the perfect compliment to my other mics (solid state condensers, ribbons, dynamics). Way to go David Royer!! The only thing I would wish for is a multi-pattern version (MA-200 is only cardioid).”
Terrence Tobin of Mold Colony